Book competing in CHINA among the best in the world

Nelson Garrido and three other friends joined and published a book celebrating their enthusiasm for tasty food and aromatic herbs. The book has already been awarded with Best Cookbook Design award in Portugal, by the world known Gourmand World Cookbook Awards.

The book congregates all the necessary information for anyone that wants to produce herbs at home and wants to learn more; and also presents more than seventy recipes, using them. With this book it has been pursuit a healthy and tasty way of cooking different kinds of food using one of a list of twenty different aromatic herbs.

Luis Alves, from Cantinho das Aromáticas, is responsible for all the information presented in the book about the herbs. Patricia Vilela, from Forking Amazing, is responsible for all the recipes. Pedro Botelho, designer, created the design that has been awarded. Nelson Garrido, signs the photography.

Erva uma vez…Estorias cozinhadas com aromas, in english Once herb’on a time…stories cooked with aromas, is competing with the best cookbooks in the world.

Join us in May at Beijing, China, to celebrate.